Dr Victor Gervais

Senior Research Fellow

Dr. Victor Gervais is a Senior Research Fellow at the Emirates Diplomatic Academy (EDA), Abu Dhabi. As a part of the EDA’s MENA Peace and Security Programme, he specialises in Middle Eastern regional security affairs, with a particular focus on Iraq, Iran and the Arab Gulf States.

Prior to joining EDA, Dr. Gervais was assistant professor at the Institute of International and Civil Security at Khalifa University and visiting researcher at the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research (ECSSR), Abu Dhabi. He also worked as a researcher for the Kuwait Program at Sciences Po and as a post-doctoral fellow at the Institut de Recherche Stratégique de l’Ecole Militaire in Paris.

He received his PhD in 2011 from Sciences Po. His doctoral thesis focused on the development of the UAE armed forces, in relation to Abu Dhabi’s state-building strategies. His publications range from academic books, book chapters and peer-reviewed articles to policy briefs and reports.

He is also the co-editor of the recently published book “ Stabilising the Contemporary Middle East and North Africa: Regional Actors and New Approaches ” (Palgrave, 2019).

Dr Victor Gervais's Publications

  • Oct 2018 + Working paper

    Contemporary Approaches to International Stabilisation Efforts

    Dr Victor Gervais

    This EDA Working Paper looks at a variety of relevant international attempts to build the conceptual and institutional toolkit for stabilisation activities. It first provides an overview of what makes stabilisation distinctive from competing concepts and practices, and then reviews a range of institutional models and bureaucratic mechanisms developed in various Euro-Atlantic countries with experience leading stabilisation responses. Along the way, the paper lays out priorities, options and ways forward that together could support ongoing attempts by new actors involved in stabilisation efforts, in particular in the MENA region, to develop their own conception of stabilisation and build the instruments they need to build state resilience and promote peace and security across the region.

  • May 2018 + EDA Insight

    Iran’s Missile Programmes: Evolving Strategic Objectives and Capabilities

    Dr Victor Gervais

    This Insight evaluates the current state of Iran’s missile capabilities and assesses their potential evolution towards greater operational efficiency. The insight first provides an overview of Iran’s missile programs. It then examines the military and strategic utility of Iran’s missiles and analyses the impact of emerging capabilities on its military doctrine. Finally, the Insight assesses the implications for regional security and stability of reported transfers of Iranian missiles to non-state forces in the region.


  • Apr 2018 + EDA Working Paper

    Consolidating the Iraqi State: Challenges and Opportunities

    Dr Victor Gervais

    Iraq stands at a pivotal moment - once again. The military defeat of Daesh represents a renewed opportunity to reorient the country's trajectory towards long-term stability and economic prosperity. While the task of rebuilding areas liberated from Daesh will require sustained efforts in the coming years, the Iraqi elites must also ensure that problems of a deeper structural nature will be tackled. Without this, the military success again Daesh will soon vanish; This working Paper analyses the broad structural challenges facing the Iraqi state, along with possible solutions, in order to establish clearer priorities and options for dealing with them. In particular, three key elements of structural fragility are identified in three dimensions of the state's capacity and sustainability.