Sep 25

Press Statement to Mark The UAE Mission to the International Space Station

Sep 25, 2019

This is a moment of glorious pride for me and all the people of my homeland. It is a historic milestone for our nation. It consolidates the UAE’s standing in the global space industry as a country with unlimited ambition - a country focused on leadership that seeks to enrich human knowledge, one that opens new horizons for the scientific community, and contributes to empowering humanity as it races towards a brighter future.

I am honoured to congratulate our wise leadership and the people of the UAE on this great achievement. We are proud of our astronauts, who are representing the UAE as they carry our ambitions with them on this mission. As they embed our homeland’s clear and influential footprint in space, they also embody our commitment to further advancing and elevating the UAE’s standing in various fields.

The UAE has demonstrated its resolve to become a leader in the space sector by 2021. The development of this sector will add value to our national economy and enhance technical knowledge and human resources. Joining the space race will also contribute to the significant development of science and innovation. These in turn will pave the way for the UAE to form global partnerships in order to find effective solutions that address the challenges of the future and achieve the greater good of all humanity.


Mariam Ibrahim Al Mahmoud

Acting Deputy Director General

Director of Executive Training

Emirates Diplomatic Academy