May 09

Workshop Examines Global Energy Trends and Related Foreign Policy Responses

Speaker :

May 09, 2017

On 2 May, the Emirates Diplomatic Academy organised a workshop under the title of 'Global and Regional Energy Trends: Implications for the UAE and Foreign Policy Responses'. The lead speaker at the event was Dr Bassam Fattouh, Director of the Oxford Institute for Energy Studies of the United Kingdom.

The half-day workshop was attended by twenty energy sector stakeholders from various UAE governmental and semi-governmental institutions, as well as think tanks and academia. The event was structured around two stage-setting presentations delivered by Dr Fattouh, each followed by a brainstorming session. During the first part of the workshop, participants identified major structural trends affecting global oil markets. In the second part, the discussion focused on assessing related implications for GCC oil producing countries, with a particular emphasis on the UAE, as well as related foreign policy response options.