Jun 21

The regional launch of the new book by Tom Fletcher, Naked Diplomacy

Speaker : The Emirates Diplomatic Academy

Jun 21, 2016

Who will be in power in the 21st century? Governments? Big business? Or internet giants?

In the next 100 years, the world will need to deal with the same amount of social development witnessed in the last 43 centuries – from the rebirth of the city state and the battle for new energy to disappearing borders and the desire of the world’s people to move to developed nations.

Through his new book, Naked Diplomacy, Tom Fletcher, a former British ambassador – the youngest appointed for 200 years – explores the core principles of a progressive 21st century foreign policy: how to balance interventionism and national interest, use global governance to achieve national objectives and set out an agenda for representative international systems. Looking at the colourful history of diplomacy, the ever changing role of the diplomat, along with wisdom from history’s most influential global leaders and diplomats Fletcher analyses the rise of smart power, soft power and the new interventionism.

Now with the extraordinary reach of social media, diplomats have the means to influence the countries they work in on a massive scale. It is new, challenging and subversive territory, the survival of the digitally fittest. Mobilising public opinion by bringing non state actors into the conversation, diplomats have had to adapt their business to the new digital terrain.

Offering real-world examples of how diplomacy continues to have a significant impact on people's lives, and why it will continue to do so, Fletcher asks leaders: Who do you represent? And how can you do it better? Naked Diplomacy provides the answers for our digital age.

Tom Fletcher CMG was British Ambassador to Lebanon, 2011-15, and the Downing Street foreign policy adviser to three Prime Ministers. He is an Honorary Fellow of Oxford University and Visiting Professor of International Relations at New York University. He is has just delivered a review of British diplomacy for the Foreign Office, and is working on a report on the future of the United Nations for the next UN Secretary General. www.tomfletcher.global