Apr 14

EDA Jointly Hosts Workshop with Prince Saud Al Faisal Institute of Diplomatic Studies

Speaker :

Apr 14, 2019

A delegation from the Emirates Diplomatic Academy (EDA), led by Mariam Al Mahmoud, Acting Deputy Director General, visited the Prince Saud Al Faisal Institute of Diplomatic Studies from 10-11 April 2019 to co-host a workshop entitled ‘Latest Trends in Diplomatic Training’. The event convened elite diplomats and academics from top-ranking institutes in the Arab world and beyond to exchange knowledge and best practices in the field of diplomatic training.

The workshop sought to help usher in a new era of diplomacy that keeps pace with the ongoing regional and global shifts while protecting countries’ interests in a complex and ever-changing world. The event provided an ideal platform to develop diplomatic training and establish an innovative definition of diplomacy based on professionalism, efficiency, and expertise.