United Nations System

Dec 01, 2018
Dec 17, 2018
Entry Level
  • Understand the structure, roles and responsibilities of the United Nations, major international organizations and its organs.
  • Analyse and debate historical and contemporary roles of the United Nations, international organizations, its organs, funds and programmes.
  • Identify and explain the roles and responsibilities of UN agencies and organizations, including rules of the General Assembly.
  • Describe and explain theories of international relations and international events that have affected organization and evolution of the United Nations and international organizations. 
  • Identify roles of the UN and international organizations in peace, security, economic and social development, human rights, environment, and international cooperation.
  • Understand decision-making process at the UN General Assembly, Security Council and international organizations.
  • Understand international protocol and diplomacy procedures.
  • Understand negotiation processes and methods at the United Nations and international organizations.
  • Identify roles of permanent missions, responsibilities of diplomats in a multilateral framework, and roles and some services of the UN Secretariat.