Public Speaking and Media Handling Affairs

Nov 03, 2018
Nov 04, 2018
Senior Level

Overall Goals

  • Enable trainees to demonstrate a high level of emotional intelligence in dealing with all partners and stakeholders, including NGOs, humanitarian aid agencies...etc) and using adaptive approaches to get what they want from others.
  • Show willingness to strengthen relations to achieve best outcomes for the UAE without resorting to exploitation.
  • Recognize the significance of mutual relationships, and importance of establishing effective and fruitful partnerships based on “reciprocity” and implicit agreements.
  • Demonstrate high sensitivity towards signs and indications of high-intense emotional situations and take steps to eliminate stress and escalation through emotional impact on others.
  • Build a network of key connections in all disciplines and share it with your team and subordinates.
  • Learn what can and can’t be done about sensitive information from reliable sources, and ensure non-disclosure of confidential information or negatively affecting relation of trust with sources.
  • Build strong personal connections with key agencies. Learn how to effectively invest their time in building beneficial relationships.
  • Establish connections with a wide range of people by listening, showing interest, and engaging in short conversations.
  • Demonstrate sensitivity towards emotional indications by others, interact with them whenever they are willing to do so, and decide when to pull back or further explore matters.
  • Enable participants to manage their personal emotions effectively and avoid negative effects on others as a result of personal emotional conditions.
  • Build a network of reliable sources and share sensitive information reciprocally.

Detailed Objectives

  • Understand the nature of media, characteristics and nature of media professionals, and the concept of handling media.
  • Understand media planning in diplomacy.
  • Learn how to access media outlets and build connections with media professionals.
  • Understand the nature of press release, interview, and single and multi-party news conference.
  • Differentiate between radio, TV and press interviews, gain knowledge on nature of TV hosts and journalists, and how to handle them.
  • Learn how to write a news story.
  • Learn how to manage media crises, communicate with media outlets and convey messages through media outlets.
  • Acquire skills of becoming camera-ready.
  • Acquire skills of interaction through social media platforms.