Political Analysis

Sep 16, 2018
Sep 18, 2018
Senior Level, Mid-Level, Entry Level
  • Understand the concept of policy analysis and public policy making process, including development, drafting, implementation and evaluation.
  • Employ effective techniques and methods in gathering, analysing and processing information for policy makers.
  • Apply modern techniques of policy analysis, including “identification of the problem”, “identification of stakeholders”, “options and alternatives”, “development of priority selection criteria” and “making recommendations”.
  • Explain impact of political values, ideologies and power sources on public policy making.
  • Identify roles of national security agencies, ministry of defence and intelligence agencies in analysing and shaping the country's policy.
  • Explain how do public policies affect individuals, families and society in general, with examples.
  • Compare foreign policies of various countries and forecast future trajectory of relations between various countries.
  • Explain major issues that drive and guide foreign policy, and how do countries make such policies.
  • Identify roles of key actors in foreign policy, including a country's president, political elites, media organizations, public opinion and interest groups.