Introduction to Diplomacy

May 05, 2018
May 06, 2018
Entry Level
  • Understand how to describe diplomacy, and explain form and functions of modern world order.
  • Compare and explain differences between various missions, bureaus, and bilateral and multilateral diplomatic procedures.
  • Identify key features of 21st Century Diplomacy or “Globalization Diplomacy”.
  • Learn about diplomacy patterns and types.
  • Explain the concepts of “conference diplomacy”, “human rights diplomacy”, “cultural diplomacy”, “economic diplomacy” and “environmental diplomacy”.
  • Describe and analyse changing ways of interaction between nations, including changing roles of embassies.
  • Assess the role of new actors in diplomacy particularly public diplomacy.
  • Explain protocol components and diplomatic ranks. 
  • Identify and provide examples of various types of regional diplomatic organizations, and analyse their roles and challenges facing them.
  • Explain roles and responsibilities of embassies, diplomatic missions and ambassadors.
  • Consider surrounding circumstances to identify relevant issues to his/her particular area of responsibility and MOFAIC in general. 
  • Demonstrate continuous curiosity about diplomatic developments, learn about relevant legislations, and pursue opportunities for enriching personal diplomatic knowledge and skills.
  • Develop a wide network of reliable knowledge sources and experts.
  • Learn from past experiences to enhance his/her knowledge of the diplomatic scene. 
  • Reflect on previous projects and experiences to identify personal areas of improvement.