Emotional Intelligence

Nov 24, 2018
Nov 25, 2018
Senior Level, Mid-Level
  • Demonstrate a high level of emotional intelligence in dealing with all partners and stakeholders, including NGOs, humanitarian aid agencies…etc, and how to apply adaptive approaches to get what they want from others.
  • Demonstrate high sensitivity towards signs and indications of high-intense emotional situations and take steps to eliminate stress and escalation through emotional impact on others.
  • Identify whether your approach is working and adapt quickly by using an alternative approach that is suitable for the other party/case.
  • Understand how to establish successful work relationships and effective interpersonal relations. Set up effective strategies and tactics for mutually beneficial relationships with others.
  • Demonstrate sensitivity towards emotional indications by others, interact with them whenever they are willing to do so, and decide when to pull back or continue to further explore matters.
  • Manage personal emotions effectively and avoid negative effects on others because of your personal emotional conditions.
  • Adapt emotionally in personal circumstances and act sensitively.
  • Acquire skills for employing appropriate methods and styles for in-depth understanding of weaknesses, strengths, values, emotions, objectives and desires of others.
  • Explore personal capabilities and those of others systematically, and employ them for achieving and improving personal and institutional goals and performance.