Economic Diplomacy

Sep 08, 2018
Sep 09, 2018
Senior Level
  • Represent UAE national interests. Maintain composure and objectivity when facing political, economic and organizational challenges.
  • Identify direction of travel for the mission or organizational unit on the basis of solid understanding of UAE national interests.
  • Anticipate controversial diplomatic situations and help maintain objectivity to ensure best possible outcome for UAE.
  • Seek to realize MOFAIC best interests, and explain how to support important economic activities.
  • Raise economic issues and concerns in a constructive way, submit them to superiors, and focus always on UAE national interests.
  • Grasp basic economic concepts.
  • Understand various methodologies of economic diplomacy.
  • Learn about the role and history of economic diplomacy, and actors affecting a country's policy.
  • Understand the UAE economy, and economic laws and policies.
  • Analyse tools of promoting UAE economy and how are they applied in economic diplomacy.
  • Identify partners for promoting UAE economy through economic diplomacy.
  • Identify roles and relationships between UAE institutions that contribute to overall economic policy making.
  • Highlight roles of economic officers at missions in the areas of trade investment, tourism and other roles.
  • Identify opportunities and challenges of economic diplomacy for shaping economic policy.