Diplomatic Protocol and Etiquette

Dec 08, 2018
Dec 10, 2018
Senior Level, Mid-Level, Entry Level
  • Act confidently in all diplomatic settings by using adequate manners as necessary.
  • Maintain his/her objectivity when facing challenges and abide by protocol rules in difficult situation and under pressure.
  • Raise issues and concerns constructively and submit them to superiors, and focus continuously on UAE national interests.
  • Acquire necessary protocol skills for diplomatic events/meetings attended by them.
  • Execute diplomatic instructions by his/her superiors, and explain which actions need to be taken.
  • Keep quiet and composed when his/her views, positions or body language signs are opposed by others.
  • Maintain self-awareness: Openness and integrity about what can or can’t be provided, and acquire skills in communication, meeting management and business card etiquette.
  • Deliver on promises, and abide by workplace etiquette rules.
  • Learn about etiquette rules for reception and paying farewell to government officials, and acquire skills of organizing international conferences and meetings.
  • Receive and accompany guests of honour.
  • Become aware of dining etiquette rules of different cultures.
  • Understand dressing rules for any occasion - both men and women.
  • Learn travel etiquette manners.