Consular and Humanitarian Diplomacy

Oct 20, 2018
Oct 22, 2018
Entry Level
  • Acquire skills to act as a role model, and behave appropriately in any diplomatic setting at the host country and in all relevant issues of the country.
  • Provide guidance, advice and clarifications on applicable protocol rules at all diplomatic settings and expected behaviour by employees at the host country or workplace.
  • Enhance a culture of honesty and integrity, and develop organizational processes to achieve that goal.
  • Execute diplomatic instructions by his/her superiors, and explain which actions need to be taken.

Detailed Objectives

  • Consular Diplomacy:
  • Describe foundations of international law for consular diplomacy and components of consular diplomacy.
  • Explain and give examples of relations between consular diplomacy and immigration, and labour affairs and services to citizens working abroad.
  • Manage emergency cases in providing consular services.
  • Organize and draft a consular plan in a mission abroad.
  • Humanitarian Diplomacy:
  • Develop adequate strategies for maintaining objectivity and cohesion, and become result-oriented during difficult political, diplomatic and organizational situations.
  • Seek to realize MOFAIC best interests, and explain how to support foreign aid activities.
  • Recognize and understand humanitarian diplomacy and provide living examples of it.
  • Identify international players in humanitarian diplomacy.
  • Identify relations between international humanitarian law and diplomacy.
  • Understand the importance of supporting and promoting humanitarian diplomacy, and identify relevant allies.
  • Understand how to launch awareness and persuasion campaigns, along with taking humanitarian principles into account. 
  • Understand how to manage negotiations in humanitarian diplomacy on the basis of evidence.