Job Title

Quality Assurance Manager

Job Category

  • Job Description and Evaluation System: Technical and Professional
  • Prime Minister's Office Classification: Specialist and Professional

Career Path

Professional - Specialist

Job Family


Job Sub-Family



Qualification and Experience


Qualifications (Minimum)









Job Overall Objective

Quality Assurance Manager is responsible for monitoring and advising on the institutional and educational quality management system. The Manager will produce data and reports on the section’s performance, measuring it against set standards and KPIs. The Manager will also liaise with other managers throughout the Academy to ensure the quality management system is functioning properly and adherences to quality guidelines.

Specialist Qualifications

Technical and Behavioural Competences as per the levels set out at the performance management system of the federal government

key responsibilities

Strategic Responsibilities

  • Contribute to the development of the Academy’s Effectiveness strategy, and annual business plans
  • Contribute to the development of the Academy’s Effectiveness policies and procedures, adhering to the overall business objectives of the Academy, ensuring they promote leading practices and excellence
  • Contribute to the development and management of the Academy’s Effectiveness budgets and report to the Institutional Effectiveness Director, on a timely basis to ensure that divergences are addressed promptly

Operational Responsibilities

  • Manage the development of the Academy's educational business processes, procedures, workflow diagrams, KPIs (process level) in coordination with other relevant divisions and sections
  • Develop, implement and monitor the educational quality assurance framework within the Academy
  • Oversee and manage the implementation of quality assurance programme, disseminate guidelines on quality assurance, and provide expert guidance within the Academy
  • Manage all activities relating to training, process analysis and improvement opportunities across the Academy
  • Produce data and reports on educational performance, measuring it against set standards and KPIs
  • Identify and maintain sound understanding of the operating environment, which may impact quality
  • Analyse and advise on compliance activity relating to quality standards for education and training
  • Conduct periodic audit / assessments against ISO / excellence standards and criteria, promote the principles of international excellence across the Academy
  • Review and execute internal quality assessments and review gap analysis and improvement reports
  • Report on the effectiveness of institutional quality systems to top management
  • Coordinate the Academy’s programme accreditation from national and international associations / bodies and manage the Academy’s licensing and renewal activities
  • Conduct benchmarking studies to compare the Academy with other leading institutions / universities, to support business case for change and provide leading practices
  • Ensure adherence to the Academy’s information security policies and procedures, and report breaches or other security risks accordingly
  • Ensure coordination with other departments to facilitate the accomplishment of tasks and responsibilities, as and when needed
  • Perform any other tasks assigned by Institutional Effectiveness Director and top management

Supervisory Responsibilities

  • Provide coaching, guidance and mentoring, as required to enhance the internal capabilities of the team and ensure the achievement of established objectives and plans
  • Carry out performance appraisals for subordinates according to planned schedules and recommend necessary actions as per the applied practices
  • Conduct periodic meetings with subordinates to ensure that priorities are clear, optimal quality is preserved and workflow is running smoothly
  • Monitor employees' administrative affairs such as vacations, leaves and other administrative and related affairs

Application Process

Candidates should send their CV to with the position name.