Job Title

Job Title Head of Finance Section (For UAE Nationals only)

Job Grade


Reporting Line

Director of Operations and Support Department


Operations and Support

Job Category



Job Objective:

Develop work plans and processes for financial affairs and operations and participate in achieving the department's goals, by supervising and monitoring all implementation activities in the relevant operating plan.

Supervision Responsibilities:

  • Number of units: 1
  • Number of employees: 2

Financial Authority: As per the Government Financial Procedures Manual and the applicable financial authority table of the federal agency.

Roles and Responsibilities

General Tasks & Indicative Key Performance Indicators:

1. Develop a strategic plan for the finance section, contribute to its development, and produce and monitor implementation of operational plans, to ensure they are aligned with the department’s goals.

  • Completion ratio of strategic plan initiatives
  • Ratio of completed and planned activities

2. Develop standards and criteria for managing and directing operations, as well as improving productivity.

  • Ratio of highly efficient completion of operations
  • Number and quality of performance reports

3. Strengthen relations with internal and external stakeholders to ensure highest levels of service delivery.

  • Stakeholder category list

4. Develop plans for enhancing learning, developing, training and motivating teams, to ensure highest standards of service delivery.

  • Staff efficiency ratio
  • Job Satisfaction ratio

5. Periodic monitoring of performance indicators, producing completion ratio reports, at the section and submitting them to the department’s director.

  • Report accuracy and quality

6. Participate in producing the department's budget, in coordination with other relevant organisational units.

  • Timely preparation of the budget

7. Provide necessary support to the department's director and perform any other designated tasks.

  • Number of completed tasks vs assignments

Specialist Tasks & Indicative Operational Performance Indicators:

1. Review and audit payment vouchers and implement any amendments to them, as well as conduct monthly reconciliation of the agency's accounts, according to applicable rules and regulations.

  • Number of payment vouchers
  • Reconciliation completion ratio

2. Follow up State Audit Institution reports and participate in responding to them.

  • Accuracy of reports and responses

3. Follow up periodic stocktaking process of the agency's stocks and assets.

  • Abide by timeframes of stocktaking

4. Lay out, with the department’s director, financial policies and strategic plans of the agency and supervise their implementation.

  • Number of financial policies
  • Compliance ratio with the financial strategic plan

5. Follow up and review creditor payments, verify payment vouchers and standing instructions for payment, and review contracts with suppliers, date of supply and deduct late delivery penalties, if any.

  • Extent of compliance with the financial procedure manual

6. Follow up implementation of spending policies and plans, and contracts and financial requirements, to ensure provision of goods and services, in coordination with relevant organisational units, in line with applicable rules.

  • Compliance ratio with purchase orders
  • Compliance ratio with plans

Education and Experience

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor's Degree in Accounting or its equivalent in a relevant field
  • Or Master's Degree in Accounting or its equivalent in a relevant field
  • Or PhD in Accounting or its equivalent in a relevant field


  • Bachelor’s degree + 6 years of experience at the same field.
  • Or Master's degree + 3 years of experience at the same field.
  • PhD - no experience required

Technical and Behavioural Competences, as per the levels set out in the applicable performance management system of the federal government

Behavioural Competences (Competence Level 5)

  • Leading change
  • Empowering employees and improving their capabilities
  • Strategic thinking
  • Teamwork
  • Communication skills
  • Customer-oriented
  • Results-oriented
  • Manage resources effectively
  • Accountability


  • Supervision skills
  • Familiar with all work-related policies, procedures and processes
  • Budget preparation
  • Computer skills
  • Analysis and reporting skills
  • Arabic and English skills

Application Process

Candidates should send their CV to with the position name.