Responsibilities and Duties

Data Analyst

Job Title

Qualifications and Experience

Qualifications (Minimum)


Master of-Business Administration


Bachelor of-Business Administration


Job Overall Objective

Contribute to data gathering and analysis, make recommendations and forecasts, participate in producing research and studies that are related to the area of responsibility of the Ministry, as well as measure results and look for ways of developing work practices.

Key responsibilities

  • Review practices of successful organisations with similar responsibilities and minimise risks through future risk forecasts.
  • Coordinate with the agency's management to identify work requirements and priorities in terms of studies, research papers, data, improvement plans and other plans within the Ministry’s area of responsibility.
  • Analyse reports, tables and charts, and present them to subject matter experts.
  • Analyse resolutions and circulars at the Federal Government level and identify their priorities.
  • Analyse and evaluate effectiveness of policies, plans and contracts, and make recommendations for modifications if necessary.
  • Interpret data that affect future trends and provide necessary advice.
  • Produce reports on general trends that affect the Ministry's area of work.
  • Perform any other assignments, as designated by the line manager.
  • Gather and analyse data, make recommendations and produce forecasts for reporting and decision-making purposes.
  • Examine and analyse all parameters, criteria and procedures within the Ministry's area of work and responsibilities.
  • Follow, monitor and cope with developments within the Ministry’s area of responsibilities.

Application Process

Candidates should send their CV to with the position name.