The Academic Department at the Emirates Diplomatic Academy (EDA) is responsible for developing and delivering the Post-Graduate Diploma (PGD) in UAE Diplomacy and International Relations and the Master of Arts (MA) in Diplomacy and International Relations. The Academic Department also oversees Students Affairs and the EDA Library, an online virtual library that can be accessed at anytime through our website.

The Academic Department works closely with the Executive Training Department and the Research Department. Our unique and accredited PGD and MA programmes combine advanced academic course work with hands-on practical experience. Learning in a dynamic and interactive community, students gain an excellent understanding of all aspects of international relations, with courses reflecting 21st century dynamics.

The EDA works with a team of highly-qualified instructors from all over the world, united through a passion for applied teaching, to advance insights in international affairs in the UAE and beyond. All courses are aimed at furnishing participants with indispensable knowledge and tools to succeed in their diplomatic careers.

EDA students learn in a stimulating environment and vibrant culture that brings together all those interested in regional and international affairs.