Modern diplomacy and international relations are constantly evolving. The realities of the interconnected world we live in make it imperative to continuously update the instruments of diplomacy through learning, training and development.

While the core objective of diplomacy – namely, the pursuit of foreign policy objectives and national interests – remains constant, diplomatic practice now takes place in the context of great regional and global change.

The Emirates Diplomatic Academy provides students with a clear understanding of international affairs and the capabilities necessary to deal with the countless challenges they will face while representing their country abroad.

Our work is threefold. First, we equip the UAE’s future diplomats with the skills, tools and awareness they need to succeed in the 21st century with its new technologies and its new global players.  Second, we deliver executive training to the country’s seasoned officials to ensure they are fully up to date with new trends and developments in their respective fields. Third, we drive research and thought leadership that will break new ground in the UAE’s approach to international relations.

As a leading integrated foreign policy, academic and research centre in the region, the Academy has become a major contributor to the country’s efforts to take diplomacy to the next level. Our diplomats are central to these efforts.

In our belief in continuous learning and professional development, we are committed to ensuring that the UAE’s public servants are among the most professional, dynamic and capable in the world. To achieve this priority, we are empowering the next generations of diplomats with the abilities and opportunities to achieve their full potential.

With open minds, a team spirit and a passion for learning, we want our graduates to help make the world a better place through personifying the values of openness, tolerance, innovation and diversity that define the UAE.

Bernardino León

Director General of the Emirates Diplomatic Academy (EDA)