The Emirates Diplomatic Academy (EDA) is a pioneering integrated foreign policy academic and research centre in the region. We are launching EDA at a time when positive strategic relations with our regional neighbours and the wider international community have become more important than ever.

Guided by its leadership, the UAE has, in a short span of time, become an extremely successful player in the international arena. The UAE has always conveyed the message of peace and collaboration by fostering friendly diplomatic relations with many countries of the world.

Excellent diplomatic relations underpin our promising future and our foreign policy has helped consolidate the UAE’s position as a country that attracts the best minds from all over the world.

Today, we have more than 100 diplomatic missions abroad. This vibrant network of economic, political and cultural links plays a key role in strengthening the UAE’s global standing through international cooperation.

Our diplomats have a major role to play as they carry the UAE’s success story around the world. We require a large number of highly talented, well-rounded diplomats with multidisciplinary skills to support our nation’s increasing and active role in the region and globally. There is an urgent need for strengthening our diplomatic capability to cope with the increased complexity and fast pace of change we are witnessing all around us.

EDA addressed this need by bringing together the best of academia, research and practice. It has the potential to support the objectives of the UAE foreign policy by delivering high-impact training as well as disseminating research that furthers the understanding of diplomacy and international relations.

EDA will not only empower and prepare Emiratis to serve their nation as part of a highly capable UAE diplomatic corps, it will also provide vital policy direction with insights on contemporary regional and global issues that impact the UAE.

I am certain that the Academy will make significant contributions to the thought leadership of the UAE in the region and help elevate our country’s image globally.

His Highness Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan

UAE Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation,
Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Emirates Diplomatic Academy (EDA)