Dr Seppe Verheyen

Research Fellow

Dr Seppe Verheyen is Research Fellow at the Emirates Diplomatic Academy (EDA). As part of EDA’s 21st-Century Diplomacy Programme, he examines diplomatic best practices as well as skills, competencies and training required by the new generation of diplomats.

Previously, Dr Verheyen worked at American University in the Emirates (AUE) as Director of the Master of Arts in Diplomacy and Director of the International Office. He lectured on various topics such as Diplomatic Communication, Comparative Politics, International Law and Foreign Policy Analyses, for which he received the “Best Teaching Award” in 2015.

As a candidate for the Bernheim program, Dr Verheyen worked as an advisor for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Belgium in the European Affairs Department and at the Permanent Representation of Belgium to the EU where he participated in the multilateral decision-making process. He advised various political parties in Belgium and Ireland on political campaigning, voter availability and policies.

Dr Verheyen is a frequent speaker at conferences on diverse topics including the skill sets of future diplomats, smart city policies, city diplomacy and the rising terrorism threats in Southeast Asia.

He received his PhD from Trinity College in Dublin, Ireland, and attended University of California, Irvine (UCI) in the US as a Fulbright Scholar. He also holds a double MA in European Studies and Political Science.

Dr Seppe Verheyen's Publications

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    Transforming Diplomacy through Data-Driven Innovation Nov 2017 Dr Seppe Verheyen, Research Fellow View More
    Nov 2017 + EDA Insight

    Transforming Diplomacy through Data-Driven Innovation

    Dr Seppe Verheyen, Research Fellow

    This EDA Insight addresses the scope and nature of ‘big data’ – large amounts of structured or unstructured open source data – pertaining to diplomacy and international affairs. It discusses big data’s impact on public diplomacy, country analysis, policy making and humanitarian aid, and creates a platform for further thinking on how big data is transforming diplomatic practices.