Our research programme on Energy, Climate Change and Sustainable Development focuses on key global issues around energy, natural resources and the environment that affect the UAE, and examining the role of diplomacy in supporting low-emission and climate-resilient development in the UAE and worldwide.



EDA Working Paper

Food and Foreign Policy: Options for the UAE and Other Import-Dependent Countries

Dr Mari Luomi, March 2017

This Working Paper examines different ways in which food and foreign policy interact, and highlights important issue linkages and lessons learned from past and present experience, with a particular emphasis on the United Arab Emirates.

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EDA Report

Preparing 21st Century Diplomats: EDA’s Experience with Immersive Training in Climate Change Negotiations

Dr. Mari Luomi and Asma Al Blooshi (Eds.),February 2017

This booklet shares the experiences of the course that the EDA offered to its postgraduate diploma students on UN climate change negotiations in 2016. The course experimented with a mix of preparatory and immersive training, and included participation in the UN Climate Change Conference in Marrakesh.


EDA Insight

United States’ Energy and Climate Policy under President Trump: Ramifications for Energy Markets and the GCC

February 2017

This EDA Insight explores how US energy and climate policies could change under the Trump administration, and what implications these could have in the US itself, for energy markets globally and for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states.


EDA Insight

The UN Marrakesh Climate Change Conference: Aligning the UNFCCC with the Post-Paris Era

December 2016

This EDA Insight evaluates the UN Marrakesh Climate Change Conference’s outcomes and looks at expectations going forward. It also suggests how the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states could support global climate action in ways that also promote economic diversification and regional cooperation.


EDA Insight

Tackling CO2 Emissions from International Aviation: Challenges and Opportunities Generated by the Market Mechanism ‘CORSIA’

November 2016

This EDA Insight analyses the challenges and opportunities of the CORSIA and its implications for countries of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) and their airlines. It makes recommendations to the UAE government and relevant ministry officials with regards to the CORSIA’s implementation.


EDA Insight

Operationalising and Implementing the Paris Agreement: Issues of Interest for the GCC Countries

June 2016

This EDA Insight examines some of the key actions required to operationalise and implement the Paris Agreement. It provides a brief assessment of progress by countries so far in 2016 and of expectations going forward, and explores related opportunities and challenges for the Gulf Cooperation Council states.


EDA Working Paper

Global Governance of the Energy-Climate Nexus: Towards National Engagement Strategies

April 2016

This working paper takes an actor-centric approach to the issue of global governance of energy and climate change in the post-2015 era by asking: (1) what kind of a global institutional landscape is currently governing the energy-climate nexus; and (2) how can states most efficiently engage with it?


EDA Insight

The Paris Agreement on Climate Change – Implications for the UAE

December 2015

This EDA Insight unpacks the Paris Agreement, discussing its role in the global response to climate change, and presenting some of its key elements. It also includes an initial consideration of the direct and indirect implications of the Paris Agreement for the UAE.




EDA Insight Video

Operationalising and Implementing the Paris Agreement: Issues of Interest for the GCC Countries

August 2016

This EDA Insight Video the video explores what has happened after the adoption of the Paris Agreement in December 2015, what countries should do next and how the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries can engage.



Roundtable discussion

Global Energy Trends and their Implications for the United Arab Emirates

Speaker: Maria van der Hoeven, former Executive Director of the International Energy Agency

18 April 2016


Public lecture

From the Millennium Goals to the Sustainable Development Goals

Speaker: Jeffrey Sachs, Director of the Earth Institute at Columbia University

28 January 2016