Our 21st Century Diplomacy research programme explores what great diplomacy looks like and what makes for a great diplomat, in terms of the skills they need and how to train them.




EDA Insight

Transforming Diplomacy through Data-Driven Innovation

Dr. Seppe Verheyen, Research Fellow

December 2017

This EDA Insight addresses the scope and nature of ‘big data’ – large amounts of structured or unstructured open source data – pertaining to diplomacy and international affairs. It discusses big data’s impact on public diplomacy, country analysis, policy making and humanitarian aid, and creates a platform for further thinking on how big data is transforming diplomatic practices.


Emirates Diplomatic Academy and Georgetown University Collaborate on Arabic Translation of Diplomatic Case Study

July 2017

Emirates Diplomatic Academy (EDA) has for the first time collaborated with Georgetown University’s Institute for the Study of Diplomacy (ISD) to translate one of their most recent case studies, Crisis in Dominion, into Arabic.

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United Networks Report

United Networks: Can Technology Help the UN Meet the Challenges of the 21st Century?

Tom Fletcher, EDA Advisor

September 2017

Emirates Diplomatic Academy (EDA) unveiled a report titled ‘United Networks: Can Technology Help the UN Meet the Challenges of the 21st Century? The document enlists a set of 20 recommendations to the UN Secretary-General on managing the shift to a hyperconnected world without compromising the values upon which the institution was founded.


EDA Reflection

The Athens of the Arab World

Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi, UAE-based writer and founder of Barjeel Art Foundation Sharjah

September 2017

In this EDA Reflection, Sultan Al Qassemi describes the contribution that Emirati art has made to the UAE’s cultural diplomacy and soft power.


EDA Reflection

How to conduct successful negotiations

Baroness Cathy Ashton, Former EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

May 2017

This EDA Reflection highlights some key lessons from Baroness Catherine Ashton’s experience of negotiations and identifies the importance of understanding who needs to be involved in the negotiation, how to manage the process, and what outcomes you want.


EDA Reflection

EDA Reflection provides 5 tips for successful diplomats

Ambassador Yasser Elnaggar, former Deputy Minister of Investment, and former Deputy Minister of Planning and Administrative Reform of Egypt.

May 2017

In this EDA reflection, Ambassador Yasser Elnaggar highlights some key lessons from his experience in the diplomatic field, from taking calculated risks to staying true to yourself.


EDA Reflection

10 Habits of Effective Diplomats

Baroness Cathy Ashton, Former EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy

May 2017

This EDA Reflection discusses the ten habits of effective diplomats, from seeking knowledge and pursuing collaboration to showing good judgment and being humble.


EDA Reflection

What Makes a Good Diplomat?

Tom Fletcher, EDA Advisor and Omar Al Bitar, EDA Vice President

February 2017

This EDA Reflection looks at what diplomats throughout history have seen as the essential elements of the craft, from patience and courage, to tact and creativity. Drawing on this, it sets out how the EDA will aim to develop Capable, Influential and Ethical diplomats, ready for the challenges of the 21st century.


Video Interviews



Book Launch

Naked Diplomacy

Speaker: Author Tom Fletcher, former UK Ambassador to Lebanon

21 June 2016


Public Lecture

Economic Diplomacy: The Core of New International Affairs

Speaker: Paulo Portas, Former Deputy Prime Minister of Portugal

18 May 2016


EDA lecture

UAE's Role in Multilateral Issues

Speaker: Lana Nusseibeh, Permanent Representative of the UAE to the United Nations

28 April 2016


EDA lecture

UAE Seven-Star Diplomacy

Speaker: Omar Al Bitar, Ambassador to China of the UAE

28 April 2016


Public lecture

The Force of Public Diplomacy

Speaker: José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, Former Spanish Prime Minister

18 April 2016