Oct 02

Emirates Diplomatic Academy Announces Launch of Master of Arts in Diplomacy and International Relations Programme

Oct 02, 2017

Emirates Diplomatic Academy (EDA), the UAE’s leading institution for international relations and diplomacy education, executive training and research, today announced the launch of its Master of Arts (MA) programme in Diplomacy and International Relations. The announcement came during a press conference, at the Academy’s headquarters in Abu Dhabi.

Accredited by the Commission for Academic Accreditation of the Ministry of Education, the programme equips holders of EDA’s Post-Graduate Diploma in UAE Diplomacy and International Relations with specialised knowledge of global and regional issues, particularly those relevant to the UAE and the wider Middle East. With a focus on international relations and diplomatic thought, the curriculum enables students to hone their research, communication and critical thinking skills.

The new MA programme will include a variety of courses, such as trends in European foreign and security policy towards the Middle East, American foreign policy in the Middle East, international relations and diplomacy, the Middle East peace process, foreign policy and extremism.

His Excellency Bernardino León, Director General of EDA, said: “Since its inception, EDA has evolved into a leading national platform for education, training and research in the field of diplomacy and international relations, and is today a strategic resource for the country and its government. The Academy is mandated to equip the UAE’s diplomats with the skills and expertise they need to support the UAE’s foreign policy objectives and address the challenges and leverage the opportunities the country encounters on the global stage, while continuing to break new ground in international diplomacy.”

He added: “In this context, I am pleased to announce the launch of our new academic programme – Master of Arts in Diplomacy and International Relations, accredited by the Commission for Academic Accreditation of the Ministry of Education. I am extremely proud of the speed with which our accreditation was completed – it is an unprecedented achievement. Emirati diplomats play a crucial role in cementing the UAE’s global standing through their service on the frontlines of diplomacy, and we are confident that our continuing master’s programme will enhance their preparedness for this mission.

EDA is a distinguished educational institution that serves as the driving force in the UAE’s efforts to qualify Emirati talent for international careers and positions of leadership in support of the nation’s foreign policy objectives. The Academy brings international knowledge, expertise and experience to the UAE to prepare its graduates to represent their country abroad at the highest levels.