11 June 2018, Monday
New EDA Insight explores GCC’s opportunities and challenges in Belt and Road Initiative

In this EDA Insight, Dr Jin Liangxiang and Dr N. Janardhan analyse the scope for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries’ involvement in the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI). They link this to at least two factors: one, the region’s financial liquidity; and two, the Gulf’s infrastructure capabilities.

While these two factors dovetail well with the BRI, the authors point out that the GCC countries view Iran’s role in the project as an obstacle.

Despite this drawback, the Insight argues that the GCC countries should get on board the BRI for four reasons: one, it bears the potential to influence GCC-China ties in the long term; two, the initiative adds to the GCC’s economic diversification plans; three, it opens doors for multilateral partnerships beyond the region; and four, the project could serve as an incentive for China to get involved in the region’s political and security dynamics.

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