13 July 2017, Thursday
EDA Insight Identifies Role for Arab Aid Donors in Supporting Financing for Sustainable Development

The Emirates Diplomatic Academy has launched an EDA Insight policy brief titled Financing Sustainable Development through Development Cooperation: Role for Arab Donors. The Insight explores ways in which development cooperation donors can support the implementation of the Addis Ababa Action Agenda (AAAA) through alignment of relevant policies and actions.

A global framework for financing development over the next decade and a half is outlined in the AAAA, launched in 2015. Reaching the Agenda’s targets will require the alignment of efforts by numerous actors, and will necessitate both domestic and international actions. This includes development assistance donors. The Insight starts by presenting the AAAA and identifying its key aspects for development cooperation donors. It then turns to emerging economies, which are playing an increasingly important role in global development finance, and zooms in on the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) donors, examining their experience so far.

Finally, the Insight makes initial suggestions regarding how the GCC, as well as other ‘emerging’ (non-Development Assistance Committee) donors, could (a) support the implementation of the AAAA through their development cooperation policies and measures and (b) strengthen their role in shaping the new international framework for development cooperation and finance.

Please note that EDA’s research outputs do not necessarily represent the views of the UAE government but seek to address issues that foreign-policy experts and practitioners both in the UAE and worldwide will find informative and relevant.

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