15 April 2017, Saturday
Emirates Diplomatic Academy separately partners with Delma Institute and Georgetown University to organise Simulation Week

Emirates Diplomatic Academy (EDA), the UAE's leading international relations and diplomacy, education, executive training and research institution, organised a five-day Simulation Week covering negotiations and conflict situations. The first part of the activities was organized in collaboration with the Delma Institute, and the second part with Georgetown University's "Institute for the Study of Diplomacy".

Throughout the week, EDA students improved their understanding of strategic planning for negotiations and practiced solving hypothetical dilemmas, such as the Kashmir conflict and cyber warfare incidents. Preparation for the activities included a thorough analysis of several historical political agreements, including the 1978 Camp David Accord, and the 1989 Taif Agreement in Lebanon.

Through a variety of diverse learning approaches, EDA aims to provide a better understanding for the UAE's future diplomats on negotiating processes and ways to develop innovative solutions. The sessions were part of the Academy's focus on promoting critical thinking, encouraging outside-the-box techniques for reaching optimal outcomes through negotiations, and preparing students for 21st century diplomacy.

His Excellency Bernardino León, President of EDA, highlighted the impact of Simulation Week: "At EDA, we understand that it is important to give our students the opportunities to apply classroom lessons to practical situations. For that reason, Simulation Week brings together a range of experts from within the UAE and abroad to expose future diplomats to both historical examples of negotiations, and also interesting mock simulation exercises. These sessions endow our students with the tools that will be essential to their careers in diplomacy".

Mariam Al Mahmoud, Director of Executive Training and Student Affairs, said: "We continuously seek to offer practical training programs that better support and prepare future diplomats. Through this program, we have provided an opportunity to interact first-hand with experts, and to learn best practices for negotiation and conflict resolution".

Simulation Week is a strong example of how EDA builds knowledge in the field of international relations and diplomacy, to support the UAE's foreign policy objectives. As a result, the Academy has made these exercises an annual part of the curriculum for its students.