28 March 2017, Tuesday
UAE Diplomats’ Spouses Graduate from Emirates Diplomatic Academy Executive Training Program

Emirates Diplomatic Academy (EDA), the UAE’s leading international relations and diplomacy, education, executive training and research institution, has announced the completion of a program that provided participants with essential skills and knowledge on topics of protocol, etiquette, and professional appearance, in addition to teachings on the history and culture of the UAE. A current diplomat’s spouse also shared her own experiences at the program, which was developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation.

The week-long course leveraged EDA’s first-class executive training capabilities to provide diplomats’ families with the tools they will need to meet challenges of diplomatic protocols for a range of responsibilities as spouses, such as the hosting of social events and the sending of correspondences.

Diplomats’ spouses must be aware of diplomatic norms, codes of behavior, and social relations, and they must know how to convey a good image of the UAE while holding a strong understanding of the cultures of their host countries. EDA’s Diplomat Spouses Program ensures that all participants are ready to meet these demands.

EDA President Bernardino Leon congratulated the participants, “We are proud of our graduates from the Diplomat Spouses Program. EDA’s executive training courses, such as this, continue to enable the UAE to see improvements in diplomatic capabilities, and support foreign policy objectives in both the short and long term.”

Mariam Al Mahmoud, Director of Executive Education and Student Affairs further announced, “We are excited to offer this program for the families of diplomats. EDA understands it is important that not only diplomats, but also their spouses, are fully prepared to take on the great responsibility of representing the UAE around the world.”

“It was a pleasure to join for this tremendous learning opportunity. The EDA Diplomat Spouses Program provided us with invaluable skills for local and international etiquette and hospitality. It also covered the ceremonial rules for official functions and explained how to behave on these special occasions. I feel prepared to take on a diplomatic role, and I have a firm understanding of multicultural manners.”, said a graduate of this year’s course.

EDA’s Diplomat Spouses Program provides diplomatic families with the capabilities to effectively represent the UAE on a world stage. The one-week executive education program is offered to the spouses of all UAE diplomats.