16 March 2017, Thursday
EDA Working Paper Highlights Food As Foreign Policy Area

Food and foreign policy have important interlinkages for highly import-dependent countries. Foreign policy and diplomacy can serve as central tools for supporting national food security in these countries, in particular in the long term. Multilateral governance frameworks, regional cooperation and bilateral relations between countries all offer opportunities for this. Conversely, the international ‘dimensions’ of food – trade, investments and aid – should be understood as part of broader foreign relations of a country. They can also be employed to support a country’s foreign policy and national development goals.

With its focus on the international dimensions of food, this EDA Working Paper by Dr Mari Luomi, titled Food and Foreign Policy: Options for the UAE and Other Import-Dependent Countries, seeks to move away from a security discourse-dominated approach and broaden the discussion around food in import-dependent countries. It examines different ways in which food and foreign policy interact, and highlights important issue linkages and lessons learned from past and present experience, with a particular emphasis on the United Arab Emirates.

An executive summary of this EDA Working Paper is available in English and Arabic.

Please note that EDA’s research outputs do not necessarily represent the views of the UAE government but seek to address issues that foreign-policy experts and practitioners both in the UAE and worldwide will find informative and relevant.

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Dr Luomi’s comment in Gulf News on food and foreign policy, published on 2 March 2017, is available here