02 March 2017, Thursday
EDA Shares Experience with Immersive Training in Climate Negotiations

In line with its mission to prepare ‘21st century diplomats’, the Emirates Diplomatic Academy (EDA) is exploring new ways to build national capacity to engage with highly complex multilateral negotiating frameworks, like the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

In 2016, the EDA, together with its local stakeholders and partners, organised a voluntary course on UN climate change negotiations for six of its postgraduate diploma students. The course experimented with a mix of preparatory and immersive training, and included participation in the 2016 UN Climate Change Conference in Marrakesh.

This publication shares this experience, in an effort to encourage further discussion on innovative ways to train 21st century diplomats.

The different sections of this booklet cover: the rationale for building issue-specific diplomatic capacity; the concept of the course organised by the EDA; the course participants’ experience during the negotiations; and the course outcomes, lessons and future recommendations.

Download in English: