19 February 2017, Sunday
EDA Reflection sets out diplomats’ key competences

The EDA is launching a new publication series titled EDA Reflection, which will feature short comments by leading diplomats and innovative thinkers, reflecting on the changing world of diplomacy and global affairs, and how relevant trends and developments relate to the UAE. The first EDA Reflection, titled What Makes a Good Diplomat, speaks to the EDA’s objective of producing a generation of exceptional diplomats, able to take on the challenges facing not just the UAE but the international community. The Reflection explores some historical perspectives on what makes for effective diplomats, and explains that future diplomats should be Capable, Influential and Ethical:


• Skillful: they master traditional diplomatic skills (including languages, written and oral communications, negotiating, networking, crisis management, consular) and specific 21st century skills (including digital technology, using big data, brand management and public relations, campaigning, using social media).

• Astute: they show good judgment, display abundant tact and earn the trust of their seniors.

• Knowledgeable: they possess a robust understanding of international affairs as well as of their own country, and have an insatiable curiosity to learn more.


• Leaders: they can set out a vision, build and mobilise networks, relationships and coalitions to achieve specific goals, and organize and motivate staff and stakeholders to achieve them

. • Communicators: they are empathetic listeners, who build trust by being honest and authentic, and can write and speak persuasively using multiple media.

• Innovators: they are creative and outcome-focused, think critically and outside the box, and adapt flexibly to changing circumstances.


• Courageous: they are resilient under pressure and willing to convey inconvenient truths.

• Disciplined: they are punctual, reliable, hardworking and well presented.

• Committed: they demonstrate great integrity, are dedicated to promoting their country’s interests and passionate about international cooperation.

Please note that EDA’s research outputs do not necessarily represent the views of the UAE government but seek to address issues that foreign-policy experts and practitioners both in the UAE and worldwide will find informative and relevant.

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