13 February 2017, Monday
EDA Insight Analyses US Energy and Climate Policy under President Trump

The Emirates Diplomatic Academy has published an EDA Insight policy brief titled United States’ Energy and Climate Policy under President Trump: Ramifications for Energy Markets and the GCC, co-authored by Dr Jim Krane and Elsie Hung of the Rice University’s Baker Institute for Public Policy.

US energy policy is evolving under Trump, and the changes will affect trade, foreign policy and relations with key global energy suppliers, including the GCC member countries. Shifting US policies are also likely to influence global climate action and geopolitics.

Based on Trump’s pro-fossil fuel statements and cabinet appointments, and the administration’s noncommittal stance toward climate change, American individuals and firms may feel reduced government pressure to curtail carbon emissions and fossil fuel consumption. US fossil fuel producers may operate under fewer regulatory constraints.

This EDA Insight explores how US energy and climate policies could change under the Trump administration, and what implications these could have (i) in the US itself, (ii) for energy markets globally and (iii) for the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states.

Please note that EDA’s research outputs do not necessarily represent the views of the UAE government but seek to address issues that foreign-policy experts and practitioners both in the UAE and worldwide will find informative and relevant.

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