Message from Executive Education Director

The Emirates Diplomatic Academy conducts interactive and integrated training courses that aim to provide participants with necessary, top-notch skills needed for a successful diplomatic career. We are committed to adopting the most modern teaching methodologies and curricula to enable our participants to evolve as real world-class professionals. All our courses are, therefore, based on a scientific and specialized practical academic approach that will boost the performance and efficiency of participants.

Mariam Al Mahmoud



The Executive Education Department provides focused and practical courses targeted towards individuals in the diplomatic corps and other relevant government entities. Courses are designed to improve expertise in diplomatic skills.

The courses are designed and implemented by EDA’s in-house faculty and trainers, and are complemented by courses developed in collaboration with EDA’s local and international institutional partners. Participants are able to refresh and acquire skills in a collaborative environment that fosters innovation, intellectual curiosity and networking among peers.

The philosophy of training and development that Executive Education Department follows is: