Research & Analysis


Abu Dhabi

Reporting line

Director of Research and Analysis

Job Objective

  • Explore the prospects and policies for further strengthening relations between the UAE and a range of South, East and South East Asian countries.
  • Produce high-quality and influential policy analysis relevant to UAE foreign policy, some of which will be only for the UAE government and some for a wider audience.
  • Manage a wide-ranging research programme, including organizing related events and managing contributions by external experts.
  • Support learning objectives of students/diplomats at the Academy, both through the provision of training, designing research materials targeted at them, and engaging them in research.
  • Ensure compliance with relevant policies and procedures and ensure quality management of products.


Key Responsibilities/Duties

 Strategy and Planning

  • Plan and manage the delivery of, a compelling, relevant and impactful programme of research, events and external contributions.
  • Contribute to the wider strategic planning of the Research and Analysis Department, including planning work that falls outside the core research programmes.



  • Conduct research on a broad range of international relations topics related to UAE relations with Asian countries.
  • Produce variety of products, ranging from short issue briefs, to policy briefs and more substantial working papers, some of which will be for the UAE government and some for wider audiences.
  • Contribute to set of briefings on topics that fall outside the core research programmes but that are of current relevance to the UAE.
  • Provide editing assistance and peer review for others’ research products.
  • Seek to develop innovative multimedia ways for communicating research and analysis.
  • Develop and implement effective ways to support student learning process
  • Organise range of events relevant to the research programme, including speakers for the EDA’s students and more public events.
  • Design and deliver limited number of courses for EDA students and for participants in the Executive Education programme.
  • Engage EDA students in research programme, in a variety of ways.
  • Attend symposia, conferences, and hearings relevant to research projects, and where relevant summarize content of such events.
  • Identify and pursue opportunities for partnership on projects/events with other research and government institutions.
  • Assist in managing resources of the Research & Analysis Department and ensure effective cooperation with other departments.
  • Contribute to the wider operations and success of the EDA.
  • Ensure compliance with relevant policies and procedures and ensures quality management of provided products.


 People management

  • Establish, develop and manage relationships with the relevant departments of UAE government entities, as well as UAE and international research institutions and experts.
  • Provide effective management and/or mentoring (where relevant), to other research personnel and staff in the Research and Analysis Department.


Job Specification


  • PhD in a relevant field, from a world-class academic institution. Consideration will also be given to individuals with substantial relevant experience who do not have a PhD, where this experience includes proven analytical capability.


Relevant Experience

  • Minimum 5+ years (significantly more for those without a PhD) of work experience in a policy-making environment or a policy-related research and analysis environment, in relevant field.



  • Strong experience analyzing Asian countries and their international relations, including preferably their relations with the Middle East.
  • A proven record of performance in producing high quality and influential analysis.
  • Excellent written English (Arabic is a strong advantage).
  • Strong, clear, and effective written and oral communication skills, including an understanding of how to convey information and ideas to senior government officials.
  • Proven programme management skills, with ability to manage a range of complementary activities.
  • An innovative approach to communicating information and ideas.
  • A passion for leading and developing people in a diverse and cross-cultural environment.
  • Affinity with the foreign policy goals of the United Arab Emirates.
  • Ability to work in an environment dealing with sensitive information.
  • Ability and eagerness to work in a start-up environment.
  • Flexibility, and willingness to adapt to evolving needs and priorities.
  • Passionate about analysis being impactful and relevant to the needs of government and leadership.
  • An inclusive, people-centered management style and an appreciation for the mission and culture of the Academy.
  • Strong team player, with a keen interest in collaborating to ensure the success of the department and the EDA as a whole.