To be a recognised centre of excellence for diplomatic capacity development, research and thought leadership.


To build the capabilities that support the objectives of the UAE’s foreign policy by delivering high impact training and disseminating research and thought leadership that furthers the understanding of diplomacy and international relations.


The values of EDA support its strategic direction to be a centre of excellence for diplomatic training and thought leadership. EDA’s values are embodied by the actions and behaviours of its leadership, faculty, researchers, staff and students.

  • Responsibility – We recognise that the EDA is tasked with supporting the UAE’s priorities at the highest levels, and rely on all members of our community to rise to this challenge.
  • Distinction - We strive to provide academic content and research that is highly relevant and unique to the needs of the UAE and the region, and to use applied and active learning principles.
  • Commitment – We are dedicated to educating and nurturing outstanding leaders in international diplomacy to the highest standards of academic accreditation.
  • Collaboration – We seek to collaborate and learn from a diverse range of stakeholders who are interested in the region, including academia, the public sector and the business community.
  • Integrity – We adhere to the highest ethical standards in education and research.
  • Respect – We create an environment where all faculty, students, community members and stakeholders are respected and supported to reach their full potential.