EDA model has been carefully designed to effectively strengthen and reinforce the UAE’s competitive advantage in the international economy and global political arena.

EDA’s unique value proposition interlinks academic teaching and executive education with research activities that are focused on the specific context of the UAE and the region. We provide our customised services to the Middle East and UAE focused academic community, UAE policy and decision makers and key government clients.

We focus on three specialised areas:

  • Accredited Post-graduate 9-month full time Diploma Degree in ‘UAE Diplomacy and International Relations’
  • Center of Excellence through research and publications on topics relevant to UAE foreign policy and collaboration between UAE and international scholars
  • Short Executive courses for mid-career and senior-level UAE diplomats, aligned with MoFA training department

Key External stakeholders:

  • Middle East and UAE focused academic community
  • UAE policy and decision makers
  • EDA key clients

These core areas are interlinked, with activities in one area contributing to the others to create balance and synergies.

1. Academics and Research

  • Students study a customised course that incorporates UAE and regional context alongside EDA research
  • EDA faculty participate in research projects supported by visiting Middle East scholars and institutional partnerships

2. Academics and Executive Education

  • Students benefit from executive courses delivered by EDA
  • Students of diplomacy collaborate and build professional networks (e.g. capstone)

3. Research and Executive Education 

  • Researchers design and improve training courses with relevant UAE-related content
  • Researchers have access to students for study purposes (focus groups, surveys, etc.)