In our rapidly evolving and highly interconnected global environment, national security and prosperity depend on knowledgeable and informed government leaders and policy-makers. The ability to promote the UAE’s interests on the world stage and find innovative solutions to the most pressing global issues, while maintaining positive strategic relations with regional and international partners, has never been more important or complex than it is today.

The Emirates Diplomatic Academy (EDA) was established in Abu Dhabi in 2014. A prestigious platform that combines the best of academia, research and practice, the EDA equips the UAE’s current and future diplomats with the knowledge and multi-disciplinary skills to effectively serve their nation.

A dynamic community of seasoned diplomats, renowned faculty, respected thought leaders, experienced researchers, international partners and exceptional aspiring diplomats come together at EDA to create an ecosystem of continuous learning and achievement – a true centre of excellence for diplomatic capacity development, research and thought leadership in the UAE.